Here is a wee tune we helped our favourite clarsach player with….


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Some lovely pics

Huge thanks to Ben & Hannah who have shared with us some pics of their night and what a great party it was!



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Our latest feedback…

Just wanted to get in touch after last weekend at our wedding and thank you properly, the end of the night was a bit hazy for both Hannah and myself!

We really did have a brilliant day.

Your band had a huge impact on the success of the day / evening and we’ve been inundated with people telling us how great you were and how much fun they had. We had a lot of friends from England and France who’s first ceilidh it was, they are hooked.

We’ve a few friends getting married and we’ll be highly recommending you guys to them all. The covers were brilliant, the ceilidh outstanding and to see everyone dancing non-stop all night was brilliant.

Anyway, huge thanks again to everyone in the band and yourself. We had an absolute blast and brilliant memories.

All the best,
Ben and Hannah

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Quick clip

Its been a while since we’ve updated the page, promise to do a better job. It’s been such a busy time at Reelback towers and we have some exciting news coming in a few weeks so watch this space…..

Here is a bit of mobile phone footage of us from the weekend. The lovely Ruth Turner on fiddle duties…

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A wee clip!



You can see more videos of the band on our Gallery Page

Here is the Ten Penny bit & our latest customer feedback.

‘ Thanks so much for coming down and playing for us on Saturday. The party was a great success and the feedback for you guys  has been awesome. I suspect you will be on peoples’ list for bands if they have a need in future. We would certainly book you again and will recommend to anyone who asks!!!’

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A Half n a half….

reelback photo board

There is never a dull moment around Reelback towers!

In what seems to be our quarterly update here is the the crack…..

We have been joined by a quite a few friends in some great gigs so far this year, Craig, John & Fraser we have loved having you guys sit in with the band.

The wedding season is well upon us and its been a busy time as always for the band, a couple of weeks ago we found ourselves in the splendor of Ripley Hall, definitely the best painting we’ve played in front of!

Our next public gig is back at “Hoots Inverness” on the 10th of October and is sure to be another wild night, if you come along please come and say Hi.

Finally if you haven’t already please give our facebook page a LIKE  & your vote counts over on Reverbnation where we are still hanging on in the top 1...

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Hoots Man!

Reelback @Hoots

Last weekend we ticked off a “bucket list” venue for the band with a trip to Inverness to play at Hootananny’s.

There was too much fun had by the everyone to Blog properly but our top 3 phrases said by the band on the trip are:

“Belgium TV?……And you’re here to film us? Aye ok then crack on hen”

“Did you have the curried goat, I did n it was smashing”

“Dinnie call her Mrs, she’s got a name I just cannie remember it the now”

Our top tip from the weekend is though, if you book a hotel room be sure to get a confirmation email.

Thanks to all who travelled to Ceilidh with us and all who made it such a great night.

We had a great time and we are sure to be back soon.

Hoots setlist

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Repeat 1-2 with the opposite feet!

Sorry for the lack of updates we have all just been so busy!

We hope you all had as much fun at Celtic Connections as we did. Best year ever we think.

In the last few months we have played weddings, charity nights and even have managed (if we blow our own bagpipes here) to top the internet charts. We currently sit at the top of the Celtic charts in the UK over on 

We’ve also had some very kind words from our clients, we thought we’d share our latest feedback “My sincere thanks to all the band, Gillian and Kelly, was a brilliant night, really good fun, hope u can do it again next year, was awesome 🙂 Thanks Sue”

In all this we still found some time for a selfie or two!

with Cluaren

Our next public Ceilidh is in Hootananny in Inverness on the 25th of April, if ...

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Slàinte, sonas agus beartas!


We have had a fantastic 2014 as a band.

We’d like to thank everyone

from family, friends, agents and clients alike for the amazing support we have had. 

2015 is already looking like a busy year and we cant wait to get out there and share our music with you.

We wish you all a Fantastic Christmas and everything you wish for yourself in 2015!

Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna mhath ùr!

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Lots of “Flying” Scotsman

Macdonald Hotel

A cool pic of our setup last weekend.

Last weekend we had a great time playing a corporate gig at the

and we are delighted to say that the hotel team there have added us to their “prefered” list so shouldn’t be too long before we are back in Aberfoyle!


This weekend we began recording.

It will be a few months before we have our CD completed, but we do hope to share a few tunes in the coming weeks. We have a few of our own tunes to record and are also adding in  some of our favourite and slightly more traditional tunes.

Thanks & loves as always x



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