A Half n a half….


reelback photo board


There is never a dull moment around Reelback towers!

In what seems to be our quarterly update here is the the crack…..

We have been joined by a quite a few friends in some great gigs so far this year, Craig, John & Fraser we have loved having you guys sit in with the band.

The wedding season is well upon us and its been a busy time as always for the band, a couple of weeks ago we found ourselves in the splendor of Ripley Hall, definitely the best painting we’ve played in front of!


Our next public gig is back at “Hoots Inverness” on the 10th of October and is sure to be another wild night, if you come along please come and say Hi.

Finally if you haven’t already please give our facebook page a LIKE  & your vote counts over on Reverbnation where we are still hanging on in the top 10!

We hope to see you on the dance floor soon!

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