About the band:


Ronnie – Bass & Vocals



Ronnie has a wealth of experience in Scottish music and popular music. As our musical director  Ronnie ensures that ReelBack has an eclectic mix of music and thats its arranged to ensure the audience enjoy the night as much as the band. On any night you will hear Scottish and Pop classics ranging from the traditional, to modern and tunes written by the band members themselves. Ronnie plays a Schecter Stilleto bass, a Stingray and a 1960s Antoria Jazz bass.






Jimmy- Guitar & Harmony Vocals



You will have heard Jimmy play guitar before! You may not know that you have, but over the years the range of Jimmy’s musical career will ensure you have. A country music inspired guitarist who is far too modest to list his credits Jimmy brings the swing to Reelback’s sets like no one else could. Jimmy plays Fender instruments.







James – Acoustic & Electric Guitars



Hailing from the Highlands James claims to have played every pub and club north of Embo. A blues based guitarist who always seems to have a mindboggling array of pedals at his feet! James plays Gibson and Martin guitars.







Karolina. – Fiddle & Viola



Currently studying music at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow Karolina is passionate about traditional music. ReelBack include in their dance sets tunes composed and arranged by Karolina