Reelback cater for the most experienced of Scottish dancers to the absolute novice. At each performance our fully trained dance teacher Gillian will not only walk you through all of the dance steps you need to know but will also call the dance to ensure everyone has a great time at the ceilidh.

Here is just a small selection of the dances Reelback regularly play.

Should you have a favourite dance you don’t see here, please feel free to request it.

• Dashing White Sgt
• St Bernard’s Waltz
• Canadian Barn Dance
• Highland Schottische
• Military 2 step
• Britannia 2 step
• Gay Gordons
• Ping
• Flying Scotsman,
• Mayhem Square,
• Boston Tea party
• The Cumberland Reel
• Strip the willow
• The Duke of Perth
• Eightsome Reel
• OXO Reel
• Reel of the 51st
• Hamilton House
• Big 3
• Orcadian Reel
• Hooligans Jig
• Swedish Masquerade
• Riverside Jig
• Pride of Erin Waltz
• Virginia Reel


*Please note. The drummer featured in these recordings is no longer with Reelback. We have a new drummer with the band for 2015.