Hoots Man!

Reelback @Hoots

Last weekend we ticked off a “bucket list” venue for the band with a trip to Inverness to play at Hootananny’s.

There was too much fun had by the everyone to Blog properly but our top 3 phrases said by the band on the trip are:

“Belgium TV?……And you’re here to film us? Aye ok then crack on hen”

“Did you have the curried goat, I did n it was smashing”

“Dinnie call her Mrs, she’s got a name I just cannie remember it the now”

Our top tip from the weekend is though, if you book a hotel room be sure to get a confirmation email.

Thanks to all who travelled to Ceilidh with us and all who made it such a great night.

We had a great time and we are sure to be back soon.

Hoots setlist

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