Lots of “Flying” Scotsman

Macdonald Hotel

A cool pic of our setup last weekend.

Last weekend we had a great time playing a corporate gig at the


and we are delighted to say that the hotel team there have added us to their “prefered” list so shouldn’t be too long before we are back in Aberfoyle!


This weekend we began recording.

It will be a few months before we have our CD completed, but we do hope to share a few tunes in the coming weeks. We have a few of our own tunes to record and are also adding in  some of our favourite and slightly more traditional tunes.

Thanks & loves as always x



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Dance the night away….

At every ceilidh Gillian, our qualified dance teacher and caller, will talk you through the steps for each dance and might even teach you a few new ones.

So you can relax and throw the step charts away!

It’s all part of making sure everyone has a great night and enjoys a ReelBack ceilidh.


dance lesson

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Whiskey before breakfast!


Its been a busy few months here at Reelback towers, the diary for 2015 is filling up nicely.

We are recording some tracks in November for our own release, much of the material has been written by Ronnie but our favorite tune at the moment is “Karolina’s Reel” no prizes for guessing who wrote that one!

Huge thanks go to Joyce Martin for a fab photo session, we have lots of pics to choose from and will share some over the next few weeks! Give Joyce a “like” here

Finally, most of our bookings this side of 2014 are private functions BUT we will have news of a special ceilidh coming soon!

Thanks as always.


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