Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many hours do you play?
    We play from 8pm-12am with a break during the evening buffet. We do offer an option to extend our hours beyond 12am, please mention this in your enquiry if required.
  2. Where are you based and how far will you travel?
    We are based in Glasgow, but regularly travel across the UK to perform.
  3. How long does it take you to set up?
    We can be set up and ready to play within 60 minutes. We realise that sometimes time can run short and will always look to accommodate your timings when we can.
  4. Do you play music during your break?
    We do provide music during the break. Alternatively you can provide us with an ipod with your own chosen playlist.
  5. Can we choose any song for our first dance?
    Yes, of course. Just let us know.
  6. How much do you cost?
    Price is dependent on location and size of wedding venue. Please contact us via the BOOK Reelback section of the website for a quote.
  7. Can I provisionally book the band?
    Yes, we can hold the date for you for two weeks. However, should another couple enquire regarding the same date within this time I will give you first opportunity to confirm.
  8. How do I book?
    Firstly, contact us to check we have your date available.
  9. Can I choose the set I want at my wedding?
    With years of experience in entertainment we feel we are best equipped to choose the songs and the order in which we play them. This is partly what you are paying us for. However feel free to choose any songs you prefer from our repertoire and we will ensure they are played.
  10. What time will your turn up?
    We will contact the venue prior to the wedding day to check arrangments regarding access and set-up times. Usually we will arrive at least an hour before we have to start. Most likely this will be 7pm.